January 23, 2012

First post. First blog. What to say!?


First of all, let’s just note that I’m waiting for a RepRap kit to arrive (mid-February) for which I’ve been making room in the spare room. I’ll need more room for the construction though so plenty to do before then. The plan is to set up my Mini-ITX PC, which has been idle for years, as a networked serial port for driving the printer.


Eventually I hope to get a RaspberryPi-B to do the same job as this will be more efficient… The printer is controlled by a Audrino type processor so a secondary project might be to ditch this in favour of the RaspberryPi-B so it has a network interface; SD card loading an maybe even a little display?


First thing’s first, though, is to make room for it all and get the kit.