I’ve got a shipping date.

February 6, 2012

I’ve received an email telling me that the Rep Rap kit may be shipped on the 15th. There seems to have been a problem with the electronics so it’s being shipped with a Sanguinolou board, rather than the Melzi. Here’s the relevant bit of the email:

We have had some issues with the Melzi electronics and so we will be shipping your kit with the tried and tested Sanguninololu electronics.

We will aim to dispatch your Huxley on the 15th February with RepRap Sanguinololu electronics with micro SD reader (http://reprap.org/wiki/Sanguinololu). Once despatched you will receive a tracking number for your kit.

Melzi and Sanguinololu are functionally identical – the differences are in their shape, and the fact that Melzi has screw connectors for all the wires, whereas the Sanguinololu requires sockets (supplied) to be fitted to the wires.

So, looks like I’ll be crimping Molex connectors after all — which is a pain. I might look into swapping the pin headers on the board for screw terminals but I’m not that sure that it can be done because the two connectors typically have different pitches (0.1″ and 0.25″). I could look at doing a fly-off distribution board with Molex inputs and screw terminal outputs…

Since getting the email I’ve also been reading up a bit on the Sanguinololu and can’t see any refernece to how the SD Card slot is connected. I’m guessing that it’s on the I2C bus but might just as easily be on the second UART. If it’s on the I2C then I might be able to enable the second UART and connect the RPi-B to it, the idea being to then telnet into the RPi-B to send G-Code to the RepRap.

We’ll see when we see — either way the RepRap wiki might get some editing once I get my machine.


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